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World News Now

About Us -Buzz Beat News, is a world news organization that displays news from around the world. Our main news coverage, would encompass the United States and Europe. Although, we aim to provide an array of coverage in other parts of the world. Since we mainly show coverage that is headline news, it is impossible to cover every story as it is happening all around the world. Although, we aim to try our best to provide coverage to those who are seeking news related topics in their country.

Buzz Beat News, is an American organization, so naturally we are going to be covering quite a bit of news that is happening in the United States. However, we are going to implement other ways to provide coverage to our readers. This mainly depends on the demographic that is our majority visitors.

Buzz Beat News, also offers third party advertising from our partners. So, we have advertisers that are displaying their ads throughout the sight. Buzz Beat News, wants out readers to visit our sight, without worrying about being pressured into buying anything. We are providing this service, as a way to bring news to those who are looking for an alternative news source. Hopefully we can one day be our readers main news source.

As with other news organizations. We provide advertisers a way to display their goods or services, so that we can continue to bring our visitors this service. It is our pleasure to provide such as service, but we are subject to expenses that require funding. Rather than asking our readers for such funding, we will require our partners to pay a fee to advertise on our site. We want Buzz Beat News to stay a free news site for everyone to enjoy.